Balloon & Event Décor


Rose Gold Copper Lantern Medium

Price to Hire:  R30.00 each

Clear Tiffany Chair including White Pillow

R35.00 per Chair to Hire

Jolly Kids Chairs

R5.00 per Chair to Hire

Kids White Tiffany Chairs

R25.00 per Chair to hire

Kids Wimbledon Chairs

R25.00 per chair to Hire

Candy Cart Rental

R350.00 to Hire

Gold Lanterns

Large Gold Lantern (49cm x 18cm) Price to Hire: R60.00

Medium Gold Lantern (39cm x 14cm) Price to Hire: R40.00

Small Gold Lantern (23cm x 10cm) Price to Hire: R25.00

White Cake Plinths (Set of 3)

R300.00 to Hire